clermont2-lgeClermont Coal Mine

Clermont Coal Mine was officially opened in 2010 and is located north west of Clermont in central Queensland. The deposit holds 177 million tonnes of thermal coal, and the mine has an expected life of 17 years, until 2026.
Construction of the mine and associated infrastructure started in 2007, and the first shipment of coal was delivered in April 2010. The mine produces up to 12 million tonnes per annum of high quality thermal coal for international markets.

Glencore manages the operation through its subsidiary on behalf of the joint venture partners: GS Coal Pty Ltd (50.1%)*, Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd (31.4%), J-Power Australia Pty Ltd (15%) and JCD Australia Pty Ltd (3.5%).

* A subsidiary of Glencore and Sumitomo Corporation (50% each)


クレアモント炭鉱は豪州クィーンズランド州中部クレアモント北西に位置し、2010年に生産を開始しました。一般炭埋蔵量は1億7,700百万トン、生産年数17年 (2026年まで)を予定しています。


資本構成はGS Coal社*(50.1%)、三菱デベロップメント社(31.4%)、J-POWERオーストラリア社(15%)、当社(3.5%)であり、グレンコア社が子会社を通じて操業を管理しています。




In 2018, JCDA purchased a 5% interest in Mt Pleasant Coal Mine from MACH Energy Australia Pty Ltd (MACH). MACH owns 95% of the project. Mt Pleasant Coal Mine is located west of Muswellbrook in Hunter Valley, NSW, and will start producing coal in the second half of 2018. Mt Pleasant Mine hosts more than 660 million tonnes of recoverable reserves, and will produce about 10 million tonnes of ROM coal annually. Mt Pleasant mine will supply high quality thermal coal to the Japanese and Asian markets in the long term.

当社は、2018年にMACH Energy Australia社(MACH)よりマウントプレザント炭鉱の権益5%を取得いたしました。MACHは残り95%の権益を保有しております。マウントプレザント炭鉱は、ニューサウスウェールズ州ハンターバレー地区のマッセルブルックの西に位置し、2018年後半の生産開始を予定しています。6億6千万トン以上の埋蔵量があり、年間約1千万トンの石炭を生産することが可能です(原炭ベース)。日本及びアジアを中心に、長期にわたり高品位一般炭を供給してまいります。



portwaratah2-lgePort Waratah Coal Services

Port Waratah Coal Services Limited (PWCS), located at the Port of Newcastle, NSW operates one of the world’s largest coal handling operations.

PWCS operates two coal terminals, Carrington and Kooragang which are located in the Port of Newcastle. Carrington Coal Terminal has a shiploading capacity of 25 million tonnes per annum and Kooragang Coal Terminal has a shiploading capacity of 120 Mtpa (as at 2017). These terminals receive, assemble and load Hunter Valley coal for export to customers around the world.

Drawing from over 30 mines which provide a diversity of coal types and using sophisticated blending and quality control techniques, PWCS is also a world leader in coal handling.

JCD Australia’s parent company (Japan Coal Development Co. Ltd, Tokyo) is a PWCS shareholder and is represented on the PWCS Board.

Port Waratah Coal Services(PWCS)